Finished Remodeled Basements


Whether you want to finish your basement or remodel an existing finished basement, you can count on Turchi Construction to design and execute your job with the utmost professionalism. We handle every detail for you and we make sure you get exactly what you want. Our expertise, experience, and customer focus combine to create a basement project that will leave you 100% satisfied. With prompt, reliable work that’s done efficiently and neatly, we ensure that your life is not disrupted unnecessarily while we build your spacious new basement. You’ll get: 

  • Tremendous increased value to your home

  • Designs and ideas to express your style

  • More space for activities, entertaining and storage

  • Quality materials at the best price

  • Experienced craftsmen for every aspect of the job

  • Written 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

Design Appointment

Turchi Construction will meet with you in your home to discuss your project — taking time to get a detailed picture of your ideas, needs, wants, any problems you’re having, and to walk you through our services.

  • We’ll sketch a layout on this first visit, and give you an idea of the options you’ll want to consider regarding all aspects of the project.

  • We will then visit you again to go over our estimate, making sure that everything you want is included, discussing price, explaining the design and finalizing the contract.

  • Then we steer you to our preferred design centers where you’ll choose your new wall colors, flooring, lighting and other features and fixtures for your finished basement.

  • We give you a helpful list of approximate allowances for each type of fixture or feature so that you know how your choices are going to affect the final cost of the project.

  • You may choose to spend less than we budgeted for flooring, for example, and then decide to either save that money or put it into another aspect of the project. The guide is there to help you stay on budget.

  • There are certain aspects of your new basement that must be chosen before we can get to work, such as your floor plan.

  • Once the necessary features and fixtures are chosen, we can get to work while you take your time selecting the rest.

We would be honored to meet with you and discuss your dream finished basement project with you. Contact Richard Turchi today to schedule a free estimate and design consultation.