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If you love your current home, neighborhood and school district, but don’t love your square footage, a home addition is the perfect option to add more space and increase the value of your house. A new home addition, no matter if it is just a garage or an entire floor, is a large project that comes with many things to consider. Turchi Construction has over 27 years of experience in building additions onto homes, as well as, remodeling bathrooms, kitchens, basements and more. We come equipped with the knowledge and experience in both planning, building and design to transform your home. The cost of a new home addition will vary depending on your goals, call our Bensalem, PA office today at 215-638-4785 to discuss the ways we can increase your home’s square footage.

Turchi Construction Home Additions & Room Add-ons Bucks County PA
Turchi Construction Home Additions Services Bucks County & Philadelphia PA

Custom Built Home Addition Services

Traditional House Additions: If you’re looking to add more space, we can seamlessly blend one or more new rooms with an addition. Typically, a traditional house addition consists of an in-law suite, another bedroom and/or expanding the master bedroom/bathroom.

Whole Floor Additions: Your one floor ranch was perfect when you bought your home 10 years ago, but now you simply need more space. Our home addition remodelers can add a second floor to give you the living and storage space you’ve been lacking.

Room Bump Out: Love your kitchen, but wish it had an extra 100 square footage to allow for the marble island you’ve always dreamed of? A home bump out is the perfect solution to give any single room in your home more space! At Turchi Construction we take care of all permits, inspections and local zoning laws to minimize your stress.

Sunroom/Garage: A sunroom gives you the ability to enjoy the weather all year long, while being protected from bugs and rain. Further, the garage can either be attached or detached from the house and used as a workshop or storage space. Either option can be equipped with upgrades including ceiling fans, heating/cooling and more!

Home Expansion Design, Build & Remodeling

The most common home addition is one that expands off the back of the house, known as a rear house addition. We’ll install a door that leads to the side or rear of the yard, which becomes an entrance/exit for the new wing of your home. One of the biggest advantages of a rear addition is the ability to use a different exterior material, which is often less expensive than trying to match your existing brick or stone exterior. It takes a certain set of skills and a sharp eye to seamlessly incorporate a new addition and make it look like it belongs. Our architects, builders and designers will consider how the addition will affect the roofline, matching finish materials, how new walls will compliment your home’s original style and how windows, utility lines, insulation and HVAC will be affected.

Whole Home Addition Contractors in Bucks County, PA

It is often hard to see past the design, windows and walls that already exist. Our architects, builders and designers have over 30 years of experience in home addition design and construction. We often tell our clients to look past your existing house and imagine you’re able to build it from the ground up to create your perfect home. How many rooms do you envision? Will this additional square footage accommodate your family for the next 10 - 15 years? Do you want to build up or build out? We’ll take that image and work it into your existing structure to the best of our abilities. Trust the experts at Turchi Construction to redesign your house and add the rooms and square footage needed to accommodate your growing family!

Renovations & New Room Additions

Turchi Construction is here to help you transform your home with the addition of a new room, expanding an existing one or adding a whole new floor! No matter how large or small the addition project is, we have the architectural and design skills to make it a reality. We serve Bucks County PA, Montgomery County PA and the Philadelphia metropolitan area. Call 215-638-4785 for a no obligation house addition consultation.

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