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Turchi Construction has 27 years of experience in all facets of kitchen remodeling and renovation projects. Whether you’re just looking to upgrade the cabinets, or you want a full overhaul, our team of designers, builders and project managers can turn your kitchen dreams into an affordable reality. As a full-service kitchen remodeling and renovation company, we can install beautiful cabinetry, countertops and flooring to add style and value to your home. At Turchi Construction we use only the finest products from the best, most trusted brands in the industry. We proudly serve homeowners in Bucks County, Montgomery County and the Philadelphia PA metropolitan area. A kitchen renovation is within reach; call 215-638-4785 to discuss your project today!

Turchi Construction Custom Kitchen Remodeling Bucks County & Philadelphia PA
Turchi Construction Kitchen Remodeling Services Bucks County PA

Custom Kitchen Renovations in Bucks County & Philadelphia PA

Turchi Construction uses only the highest quality materials from the leading brands in kitchen cabinetry, countertops, flooring, fixtures and hardware. Our preferred vendors include Shenandoah Cabinetry, Kohler, Caesarstone and many more. We offer many options in flooring and countertops to meet any budget, while always maintaining the highest in style and luxury. Kitchen installation options range from beautiful wood cabinetry to gorgeous granite or quartz countertops, wood or tile flooring that will increase the value of your home and add the elegance you’ve always dreamed of. Our team is dedicated to building you a dream custom kitchen that you will enjoy for many years.

Expert Kitchen Remodeling, Renovation & Design

We employ an expert team of designers, planners and builders who work with our clients every step of the way to ensure we take all your wants and needs into consideration. Budget, space, lifestyle and taste are all carefully measured during the design consultation and reflected in the completed renovation. As a design-build company, Turchi Construction oversees the project from initial meeting through planning, design and completion. We do not outsource our work; our kitchen renovation company handles the research, architecture, obtaining permits, styling and building. We are licensed, bonded and insured to work in Bucks County, PA and the surrounding communities.

Benefits of Investing in a Kitchen Renovation

Between cooking dinners, preparing school lunches and cleanup, chances are you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, which is why it should be a space you love, both aesthetically and practically. There are many benefits to investing in remodeling your kitchen, including:

Bigger, More Functional Space: The main complaint we receive from clients is that their kitchen space simply doesn’t fit their lifestyle. Whether you need more storage or more countertops, a kitchen remodel will optimize your layout and transform your kitchen into a practical space.

Increased Comfort: Several elements should be upgraded to increase the comfort in your kitchen such as an updraft ventilation system, air purification system and new windows to improve airflow and let in natural light. Proper ventilation provides relief from allergies and quickly removes powerful food odors.

Updated Style: Is your kitchen stuck in the 90s? Redesigning your kitchen space to meet modern, timeless standards might be the best part of a renovation! Don’t worry, you don’t need an interior design degree. Our expert staff of designers will perfectly execute a contemporary look that makes you fall back in love with your home.

Improved Safety: Installing a new range hood can eliminate harmful contaminants, and pollutants. Other safety features to consider include slip-resistant flooring, lighting and storage space for a fire extinguisher.

More Storage: One of the biggest complaints from our clients is that they simply don’t have enough storage space for their appliances, pots & pans and dishware. We can incorporate stylish, yet practical solutions to meet your storage needs. Whether we install more cabinets, under-counter island cabinets or custom drawer organizers, we’ll find effective ways to increase the storage space.

Energy Efficiency: Opting for energy efficient upgrades is not only beneficial to the planet, but it will save you money on your monthly utility bills! Switching to LED light bulbs means you’ll consume 70% less energy. Kitchen appliances with an Energy Star rating are affordable to power. Lastly, double-glazed windows and insulation maintain a comfortable indoor temperature and reduce heating & cooling cost.

Higher Home Value: While bathroom renovations typically yield a 59% ROI, Pennsylvania homeowners who invest in a kitchen remodel can expect a 60% return when they sell. Realtors cite a quality kitchen as one of the biggest selling points for a home.

Don’t wait any longer to come home to the kitchen you’ve always wanted, call Turchi Construction today! With options for all price ranges and a no obligation detailed estimate, a new kitchen installation is within reach. View our renovations gallery to see past kitchen remodeling projects we’ve completed and to get inspiration for your home! When you hire Turchi Construction we guarantee high quality materials, expert craftsmanship and superior customer service.

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